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The Great Story of the Niagara Falls

The Great Story of the Niagara Falls

One of the prominent tourist destinations Niagara Falls is a natural wonder. It is said the history of Niagara Falls dates back to thousands of years somewhere around 12,300 years back to Ice Age,  the melting ice released large gushes of water falling in Niagara River which is now Niagara Falls

The Formation of Niagara Falls

Geologically, Niagara Falls is considered young with forming around 12,000 ago, water leaped over the Niagara Escarpment, a steep cliff that goes west/east from New York through Michigan, Ontario, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Since the Niagara River drops off at a cliff it was named as Niagara Escarpment.

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Formation of Niagara Falls is continuing even today, every year Niagara river freezes and defrosts due which rocks under surface experience erosion and regular rock falls move Niagara falls upstream further, precautions have been taken care using modern techniques to lessen the effects of erosion and water has been directed to hydroelectric power plants to reduce the volume of water which flows through Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls can be viewed from New York or Toronto, Niagara Falls trip from Toronto has best views and experience

The Discovery of Niagara Falls

It is believed that probably Native Americans living in this region must have discovered this amazing Niagara Falls.  French Priest Father Louis Hennepin is the first European documented about Niagara Falls during his 1678 expedition, Hennepin was amazed by the Niagara Falls, after returning to France, he published his experience of his expedition in a book, and wrote about breathtaking views and amazing falls, this book has inspired others for further exploration and also bought attention to the Niagara Falls trip from Toronto.

Niagara Falls became an easy access destination to thousands of visitors In 1800s with the development of railway system. Niagara Falls became a honeymoon destination for newly wedded, In 1804 Jerome came to here for a honeymoon with his American Bride, he is the younger of Napoleon Bonaparte. Niagara Falls history credits Jerome for starting the tradition of Honeymoon at Niagara Falls.

The Power of the fall

Many Industrialists were attracted by the power of fall and its potential, they designed water wheels which could drive factories and mills, the hydroelectric system in the world was opened in Niagara Falls in 1895, and this plant produced direct current which could transmit electricity only up to 100 yards.

The world-renowned electrical engineer Nikola Tesla designed a system which transmits electricity from Niagara Falls to a distant place like Buffalo New York using new technology Alternating Current (AC)   induction motor.  With this invention of AC, system electricity is transmitted to long distances even today throughout the world. Electricity becomes commercially available from Niagara Falls.

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The most important products of Niagara Falls is Hydroelectricity, there two plants one on the American and other on the Canadian side of the falls, each plant can produce around 2.4 million kilowatts of electricity.  Niagara Falls water volume is reduced during the night and diverted to power generation as per international treaty, this also ensures that fall during daytime remains unaffected for tourists to view and enjoy the beauty of the fall.  Niagara Falls trip from Toronto gives tourists a whole new experience to view fall and enjoy the beauty