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Different Materials Used For Bullet Proof Vehicle

Different Materials Used For Bullet Proof Vehicle

The world in which one is living is not at all safe. Every point of time, people are looming under the threat of terror attacks or any kind of assaults. Important personnel’s have felt the need to travel in bullet proof vehicle instead of traveling in luxurious SUVs or Sedans. After all the growing threat level from the anti-social elements have made it necessary for many people to convert their luxurious vehicle into an armored one.

Bulletproof Cars

Leading car manufacturers are constantly struggling in order to make the armored vehicles far better. In fact, along with developing the technology, car manufacturers are trying to use refined materials in order to make the body of the armored car very strong. In fact, they are trying to go for a more durable and light material for armoring so that the vehicle doesn’t become very bulky in nature.

bullet proof car

A bullet proof vehicle is designed in such a way that it can provide highest level of protection to the occupants from any kind of assaults. Basically, armoring of vehicle is done depending on the level of protection one wants. For example, if a customer wants to remain protected only from bullets the one kind of armoring will be carried out. Similarly, if one wants to remain protected from bullets, grenades, and fire, other kind of armoring needs to be done.

Now, if you want to take a look into the different materials that goes into the armoring process, you will need to go through the rest of the blog. They are:

  • Premium Curved Bulletproof Glass
  • Lightweight Composite Armor
  • Hardened Ballistic Steel
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Ballistic Fiberglass
  • Runflat Inserts

Getting To Know the Materials

Lightweight Armor: Lightweight polyethylene armoring of the bullet proof vehicle can help to gain high level of protection. In spite being in weight it can protect from a wide range of attacks. Usually, the body of armored car is usually strengthened by hardening the galvanized and stainless steel. Special chemicals are used to check the ballistics integrity. As they are hardened it can withstand any assaults.bullet proof vehicle

Bulletproof Glass: Car manufacturers of bullet proof vehicle make use of light-weight polycarbonate glass. The glass can provide protection from all kind of assaults. Basically, the glass comes with a hard-spall layer so that no fragments come inside. All glasses are processed in such a way that it becomes resistant. Thicker the glass would provide high level of protection.

Bumpers: The stocks bumpers are designed in such a way that it an easily absorb energy during any kind of attack. The can remove any roadblock instead of damaging the radiator.

Runflat Inserts: Flat tires must be used for any good bullet proof vehicle. Runflat tires are inserted in such a way that even if a bullet hits the tire, the car an still travel smoothly. Thus, they can take people to a safe location.

Traveling in a bullet proof vehicle is not only for making one feel cool like the popular character James Bond. However, the most important reason is to get a greater level of protection from any assaults while traveling through high-risk zones. For more info on armored cars, read here